An emergency closure, broken dishwasher, and raw meat contamination in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Ratings

Miami  Ice     Score of: 93  

925 Clayborn Liles Drive, Florence


  • Complete lack of hot water
  • The vendor issued an emergency closure and called inspectors


Wok-N-Roll     Score of: 80  

115 Edgewood Drive, Florence


  • No date mark on several pans of various types of chicken, egg rolls and dumplings–10 day notice given
  • Dishmachine not sanitizing– 3 day notice given
  • Cooked lo mein sitting out , rice and chicken at hazardous temperatures


Fiesta Mexicana     Score of: 77      

117 B Highway 72 East


  • Employee using same pair of gloves while going from raw to ready-to-eat foods– 3 day notice given
  • Rice being held at hazardous temperature– 3 day notice given
  • No drying device at the handsink– corrected by supplying a drying device
  • Employee using chipped/broken scoop to dispense chips– corrected by throwing away scoop


Clean Plate Recommendation:

Bravo! Cucino Italiana

Bridge Street Town Centre

401 The Bridge Street #180, Huntsville