Supporters and protesters gather in Nashville for President Donald Trump’s visit

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Whether you love him, or hate him, President Trump is known for his style and message. His supporters love him for that.

So much so, many Trump faithful started lining the streets of Nashville at dawn, just to see him speak.

"It`s going to be worth the wait, absolutely," says Edward Dice, who drove from Massachusetts to see the President.

The line to get in, stretched down James Robertson Parkway, around 5th Avenue North, and looped around the arena.

While smaller in number, but still vocal, demonstrators also gathered to share their displeasure.

"I feel that ever since November I've felt kind of hopeless and sad about a lot of these things and the only thing that really makes me feel better is letting the world know that not everyone in the U.S. is behind him," says Elizabeth TeSelle, a protester from nearby Columbia, Tenn.

Supporters we talked to, weren't fazed. "They're coming out here they're just trying to get people fired up for no reason," says Margaret Richards, a Trump supporter from Fayetteville.

After a 45 minute speech, true to form for the rock-star level Republican leader, supporters we spoke to thought it was worth their long day of waiting in line.

"I thought it was phenomenal. I haven't been political until this last election, and being in business myself, Mr. Trump spoke to me as a businessman," says Steve Ellis, a Franklin, Tenn. Trump supporter.

While loud voices clashed, even after the event, in the streets, drowning each out, Ellis told us, he hopes the nation can learn from Alabama, how to heal, just how the Crimson Tide supported Auburn fans when the Toomer Oaks were burned.

"They put their arms around Auburn and embraced them, that`s what we need to do as a nation," says Ellis. "We need to embrace each other and put aside our petty differences and not just be against the other side because they are the other side."

The Tennessee Valley Drives to Watch Trump

The Turner family, on spring break from Huntsville City Schools, gave up the beach to hear a speech.

'He`s so blunt and he`s to the point, and he says what he means," says Seth Turner, a 15 year old supporter.

His brother Griff, along with his father, stood in line for several hours, in hopes of getting good seats to watch the Commander in Chief.

Most were taking advantage of seeing the President for the first time, but that wasn't the case for the Richards' family. College student, Margaret, had already seen Donald Trump once in Madison. Her mother had been there, plus made the drive to Mobile after the election.

"I really support President Trump and what he's going to do for our country. I really believe he's going to Make America Great Again," says Margaret Richards.

Then, he was the candidate. Wednesday, they held hope he would be presidential.

"Just support, and encouragement in the people that believe in him and continue to support him like we've been doing," says Margaret.