‘RainBrella’ protects your windshield from the elements

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The perfect product test for not-so-perfect weather. RainBrella is an "invisible umbrella" for your car. It claims to repel rain, mud and dirt from your windshield and mirrors while driving in poor weather conditions.

For our test we only used the product on half of the windshield, so comparison would be easy.

While using protective gloves, the first step is to remove the saturated cloth from its packet, and wipe it onto the windshield in circular motions. Let it sit for five minutes before using the uncluded buffing cloth to wipe the residue off.

Wait ten minutes, and repeat steps one and two!

We splashed a big bucket of dirty water onto the windshield...and the difference between both sides of the window was very evident.

RainBrella is supposed to last longer and through 100 washes when compared to similar products. We found our RainBrella for only $7.00 and Target, so, RainBrella is a deal!

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal!