Patience is the key for this week’s Tools For Teachers Winner

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. - Marian Bowling is this week's winner of the Tools For Teachers Award winner. She teachers kindergarten at Union Hill School in Morgan County.

Janice Vest, the School Counselor, says it doesn't get any better than Mrs. Bowling. "She is the best teacher I have ever met." said, Vest. "She loves the kids. She has more patience than Job. She has absolutely the sweetest person I have ever met."

In winning $319, Mrs. Bowling and the school were bursting at the seems.

Mrs. Marian Bowling shows her excitement in winning $319!

"I'm so excited!" said Mrs. Bowling. "This is wonderful!"

Mrs. Bowling says not only is Union Hill the best school in the Tennessee Valley, but "I am in the best school in the United States surrounded by the best people." She goes on to say, "God knew where I needed to be and I love it. They keep me going.  They are the reason why I get up every morning and get dressed."

Her kids are excited as well!

This beloved teacher says this experience has been both surprising and humbling.

"It makes me remember there is more to this than just teaching them how to be students. Just loving on them. I am thankful the parents trust me enough to share their children with me because I know that is hard to do." said Bowling.

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