Local business goes above and beyond for customers

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DECATUR, Ala. -- Friendly service since 1978. That's Minor Tire and Wheel's motto, and one customer thinks they more than live up to it.

"It was on the verge of falling out and then it would've killed us all," said Kerri Cole.

Cole brought her car in Friday for what she thought was a simple tire check. Instead, the shop helped prevent a possible fatal accident.

"They told me that my rack and pinion was about to fall out, and if it would've fallen out it would've killed my children and I," she explained.

General Manager Mike Eaton said they didn't think twice about helping her out. After all, friendly service is what they do.

"It wasn't really a time-consuming repair, so we put some bolts in it and just tightened it up in a good gesture, good faith, and just sent her on her way," he said.

Cole said with all the bad stuff that happens in the world, it's nice to know there's still good people as well.

"They went above and beyond. They took the extra time out just to fix it, and didn't charge me a dime," she said.

Eaton said they try to provide that kind of experience everyday, but it's helping in a situation like this that it pays off.

"We try to do those things that's seemly small, but in this case would also be something very serious," he said.

For her part, Cole wants to give them the recognition and thanks they deserve.

"I was always told no good deed should go unnoticed," she said.

And in this case, it hasn't.