The Enrichment Center aims to provide counseling and support for students

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Seven years ago, a student at Madison’s Discovery Middle School shot and killed another student. Sharon Willis was the principal at Discovery then. These days she’s Executive Director of the Enrichment Center. It’s a non profit that provides mental and emotional health counselors for several schools in Huntsville and Madison.

Willis joined us this week on Leadership Perspectives to speak more on what the organization has to offer.

“You know when you and I were in school…a bully might happen but then when school is out, it’s over…we get through the day. But now with social media out there students can be bullied 24/7, and I think this is where we can come in and show a student that this is not real life…this is not going to last forever.”

You can view the entire conversation with Executive Director Sharon Willis here in three parts: