Community of Loretto remembers slain nurse

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LORETTO, Tenn. - Teal ribbons decorate the city of Loretto, a reminder of a young woman who grew up there. Sunday evening friends and family gathered to honor the life of Tiffany Ferguson. Ferguson, a nursing graduate from UNA, was killed in her Nashville condo.

"It blesses my heart just to see a community come out and support, despite their own comfort," said Isaiah Craig.

Ferguson's killer is still on the run, keeping those who knew her on edge.

Police called the crime a rare and random act of violence.

"You know, it's hard when you don't have closure and peace of mind," said Craig.

Investigators believe the man caught on surveillance video near the condo could be the suspect. They think he went into Ferguson's apartment searching for valuables. Police think he entered her apartment a second time when she confronted him and stabbed her.

"If there's anybody who knows anything about this suspect, could you please just let the family know something. I know that it has been a huge concern on their heart as it would be with anyone, we want to see justice," said Craig.

Until it's served, the ribbons fly in the wind, giving the community hope that better days are ahead.

Police said they have been working strong leads in the case. Anyone with information regarding her death is encouraged to call the Metro Nashville Police Department.