Turning Point Pregnancy Center is holding an event on sexual integrity for students

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - "You know getting an STD is probably more upsetting than a lot of other things because you're stuck with it."

According to the CDC, cases of STDs are on the rise in the US.

"Some STDs are bacterial, some are viral. Some can be healed through medication and some cannot," said Rebecca Wells of Turning Point Pregnancy Center.

Due to the climbing numbers, Turning Point Pregnancy Center felt like something needed to be done.

"We'll learn about what real love is and they will have a talk about sex," said Wells.

Several speakers from a group called the Silver Ring Thing will talk to the students in an interactive lesson involving personal experiences.

"Could be an abortion issue. It could be an STD issue. It could be something that will really strike home with the young people to let them know this is not a joke."

Parents are invited too, because it's important that these talks also continue at home.

"I think it increases their trust line better. I think they'll come back to their parents for more," explained Wells. "I don't think a parent has to explain everything personal that has gone on in their lives but to be honest."

Silver Ring Thing will be held March 5 from 6-8 p.m. in the Collins Intermediate School Auditorium.