Dads give Chapman P8 students a boost of confidence before state testing

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Before students even sharpen their pencils, many enjoyed breakfast at school alongside their dads. Chapman P8 held its first "Daddy March" on Monday morning before the children began their state benchmark testing.

Third grade student Jaylon Sherrell is happy his school chose to roll out the "yellow carpet" for Daddy Day.

"Our dads came to support our education," Sherrell said.

Teacher Evan Johnson said there was one motive behind the activity: "So that students know that their parents and the teachers are on the same page as far as supporting their education."

Hand-in-hand, dads walked their students into Chapman P8 before enjoying breakfast.

"My favorite part was seeing the parents, or the dads, drop their students off," Johnson said. "You can see that happiness in the child as they're dropped off at school by their parents."

Monday is the first day of benchmark testing. This allows the district and state to measure whether teachers are following the curriculum and students are absorbing the lessons.

Sherrell hopes his memory doesn't fail him now as he and his classmates prepare for the challenge.

"I just hope I do good," Sherrell said.

Throughout the week, kindergartners through 5th graders will test their reading and math skills, while 6th through 12th test on reading, math, science and social studies.