The Food Bank of North Alabama to host 2017 Child Hunger Summit

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - According to research by the Food Bank of North Alabama, one in four children across north Alabama experience food insecurity.

The Food Bank serves 11 counties in the region with partnerships including backpack programs and food pantries. This year, they're really focusing in on one way to help a certain population.

"The goal of this event is really to collect school counselors, social workers, volunteers, community members, dietitians, those involved in feeding hungry children," said Community Relations Manager Laura Fincher.

The Food Bank of North Alabama is hoping through this summit they can reach more organizations that will aid in the fight against hunger by starting a new program or expanding one that already exists.

"One of the reasons that we wanted to have it this early was actually to give people time to plan for their year," said Fincher. "So, a lot of maybe churches and school districts might be open to hosting a summer feeding program, but by having the event on March 2nd, hopefully they'll have enough time to start planning for the summer and feeding kids over the summer."