Madison County Commission supports local AUSA chapter Redstone Huntsville

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- It's an event so successful the Madison County Commission is pulling out all the stops to get it back in Huntsville. The Association of the United States Army held its Global Force Symposium and Exposition here in Huntsville last March at the VBC. And support is starting to bring it back.

"AUSA makes a huge impact with our heavy concentration of army retirees, and army affiliation here," said Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong.

He said the impact of the AUSA extends beyond just Redstone Arsenal.

"Of course they've previously brought their annual meeting here to the Von Braun center, which fills practically every hotel here, all of our restaurants," said Strong.

That meeting here in Madison County was the largest one in their history, with more participation than ever. The County Commission is doing its part to support the local AUSA chapter, Redstone Huntsville.

"What we're doing is just investing to bring it back here again, but also do a good advertisement so we can maximize our dollars here, and the impact not only that it has in Huntsville-Madison county but also Redstone Arsenal," said Strong.

Strong said since Huntsville is a military town that's why the commission doesn't hesitate to support Redstone. He said the arsenal's contributions are invaluable.

"Redstone Arsenal creates seven percent of the entire GDP of the state of Alabama. So it's not just an impact that it makes here in Madison County, it's an impact that they make in the state and also our country," he explained.

There were over 6,200 attendees at last year's symposium.