Could cameras on school buses stop reckless drivers?

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Driving a school bus comes with a lot of responsibility, especially when you're transporting precious cargo. It's an intimidating responsibility bus drivers sign up for. They pick up and unload children; sometimes on busy roads. Sometimes drivers drive around the bus and forget to stop when the bus does. "The yellow lights will typically come on, anywhere from 100 to 300 feet before the red lights come", Madison County School District's Director of Operations Dan Evans said.

To help solve the problem of unaware or insubordinate drivers, the Alabama Senate passed a bill that gave schools an option to install outside cameras on the stop arm. The idea sounds great if districts have the money.

Evans said it would be great to have the cameras installed, but money is tight. "It`s a funding mechanism for an outside company. They monitor, issue the tickets, and they keep most of the money", Evans said.

The school district relies on the Madison County Sheriff's Office and the bus drivers themselves. "When we inform the sheriff`s department we are having a problem on Shields Road or whatever, they will station a deputy there for a while to get things back under control,"Evans said.