The citrus spritzer works… but does that mean it’s a deal?

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Do you like lemon or lime juice in drinks, as a marinade, or on a salad? There are always products out there trying to create short cuts in the kitchen, and the same goes for getting juice out of a lemon.

Citrus spritzer, citrus mister, there are lots of different names and brands of devices with the same idea: attaching a spray top and extracting the juice directly out of a lemon or lime.

To use, roll the lemon so that it will be extra juicy. Next, slice off the end, and then spiral your spritzer into the lemon. Spray away!

The citrus spritzer did work...sometimes. You definitely have to adjust the spray top a lot so that you continue to get more juice. And for some reason the spritzer worked much better with a lemon instead of a lime.

The spritzer still made a mess all over the counter top, and makes your hands sticky, so does that qualify as making itĀ an "easier" option for extracting citrusĀ juice?

We didn't want to call it a dud, because it does what it claims. But we don't think it's a drop dead deal either.

The Deal or Dud verdict: Debatable.