Southern Light to offer gigabit service to businesses in Decatur

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DECATUR, Ala. -- With a special announcement Wednesday, Decatur has become the second 'gig city' in Alabama. Southern Light will now be offering their gigabit service to business customers in the area.

Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling said they are excited to now be able to offer some of the fastest internet speed to citizens. An impact he said will allow for increased productivity.

"We're just pleased to be another gigabit city in north Alabama," he said.

But, Bowling said gigabit service to residential areas in Decatur is still up in the air as of right now.

"It's still kind of unknown as to how many residential customers are willing to pay for gigabyte service, what the demand is for gigabyte service," he explained.

Southern Light CEO Andy Newton said Decatur has worked hard to create an environment where companies can more easily build fiber, and they've responded to that.

"Any speed that you can imagine that is delivered over a fiber network can be delivered in Decatur today over our networks," said Newton.

Newton said Southern Light isn't currently a residential provider, but they do provide open access.

"It allows for our customers who do provide fiber to the home to use our core network in the city and then provide fiber to the home off of our networks," he said.

Southern Light has already started to roll the service out in Decatur, already building about ten miles of fiber in the downtown area.