Russellville High holds largest blood donation event in three states

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RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. - Coming out of a dangerously low supply of blood, a community in northwest Alabama is doing their share to help the Red Cross. Organizers call it the largest single blood drive at a high school in three states.

Logan Wallace, Russellville High School

Logan Wallace, Russellville High School

It’s a gymnasium turned donation center. The home of the Golden Tigers basketball team was lined with tables on Wednesday.

“We hit social media, we called people, we went out to the community, and we have hung flyers everywhere in the community,” stated Logan Wallace, President of the Russellville High School National Honor Society.

Students and community members have made the Russellville High School blood drive one of the largest in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. Wallace helped organize this year’s event.

“At Russellville High School our maximum number we have ever donated was 356 pints, but we do hope to exceed that this year,” said Wallace.

021517-fr-russellville-blood-drive-430-pkgAnd the blood donations will go a long way. After the holidays, suppliers of blood to area hospitals were at dangerously low levels.

“We just came out of a very severe blood emergency we call it, and we are doing a little bit better,” explained Mario Sedlock, a Donation’s Coordinator for the Red Cross. “But we have a long way to go until we have what we feel is a comfortable level of blood for hospitals.”

The Red Cross says high school drives like this one supply 15 to 20% of all donated blood.

He just wishes there were more drives like Russellville High School’s. It’s organized by the school's National Honor Society.