Decatur jail to close, inmates to go to Morgan County jail soon

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. -- The City of Decatur is in the process of closing down their jail, transitioning inmates to the Morgan County jail instead. Chief Deputy Michael Corley with the Morgan County Sheriff's Office said Decatur city officials made the decision.

Chief Deputy Corley said that due to its age, the Decatur jail was facing a lot of remodeling, had city officials chosen to go that route. Instead, the Decatur jail will soon be no more.

"They've been anxious to get out of their jail and get it closed down. Their jail was, I'm sure, built many years ago and it was just that time," he said.

The transition started about a month ago when Morgan County agreed to take in the Decatur city female inmates.

"So we have those, and it's just a matter of short time now that it appears we're going to be able to take the others," said Corley.

Morgan County will soon open a new three-story facility that can hold up to 450 inmates, giving them the resources to take those Decatur inmates in.

"We're ready to go forward, it's just a work in progress," he explained.

As far as what this means for inmates arrested through Decatur, Corley said it's his understanding the Decatur police department will still have a process they go through.

"To get them in their system, but as far as housing or anyone being detained, it will all be done here," he said.

Chief Deputy Corley added that he doesn't have any definite date as to when the full transition will happen, or what the timeline is for the Decatur jail to close for good.