Madison father pushes for autism insurance reform

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MADISON, Ala. - The Autism Society of Alabama is pushing for an insurance reform.

One in every 68 children is diagnosed with autism. The society said thousands of families in Alabama could benefit from a reform.

Alabama is one of five states that doesn't mandate insurance coverage for effective autism therapies.

That's why parents like Craig Osborne are urging lawmakers to do something.

"What services we have had in the past have been very expensive and most of those services have not been covered in any way shape or form by insurance," Osborne explained.

His son Jason has autism. He told WHNT he's concerned about how Jason will get the services he needs as he gets older.

"Without some of the available services out there being covered, you're either going to do without those services, or you're going to require loans or something like that to get them. Because even two incomes aren't going to cover a lot of those," Osborne said.

Osborne said he understands why Alabama waits to see how reforms play out in other states. However, he believes this is a reason for the government to get involved.

"The insurance companies are more nationwide. They know what's going on. Not only nationwide, but in some cases worldwide, and they should be able to cover everybody in every state in the same manner.

If an insurance company is not going to do that, then I do think that possibly the state government should step in and require that of those insurance companies."

If you have questions about insurance bills for autism, visit You can also call 1-877-4AUTISM.