TAKING ACTION: What’s up with the Town Madison project?

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MADISON, Ala. - We're working to learn more about a big project: Town Madison.

Thursday morning, we got a viewer email asking: "Is there any news at all on Town Madison? Once in a while I will hear a street construction update, but nothing about the status of retail or residential things. We live nearby and we're hoping this project would have been up and running by now. We were excited initially, but now not sure if it's ever going to happen."

WHNT is taking action, to find out more. We took this viewers concerns to officials at Thursday's meeting for the Town Madison Cooperative District.

City council members met Thursday afternoon to approve construction contracts for the project.

"We'll do the preliminary grading and site-prep outside the fence of the interstate," said council president Tommy Overcash.

The council also expect to approve more road construction project by May. Bu what about retail stores? We asked if there was a timeline as to when we might start seeing those pop up.

"Ah, not really. A lot of that is dependent on the fact that they want to know the interstate ramps are going to be built. So, lots and lots of behind the scenes work. Lots and lots of interest, but no one really become very publicly interested until they see this next step going on," Overcash said.

So, what's the hold up?

"Well mostly it's been the approval process. It took much longer than we anticipated to get the justification study approved. They kept coming back with a few more things and a few more things," Overcash explained.

He said while the environmental study went smoothly, it also ran longer than expected.

While he couldn't give us a definite timeline on much of the project he did say the city anticipates some retail announcements in the next few months.
Overcash expects construction to pick back up in the next thirty days.