Alabama universities respond to President Trump’s travel ban

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In light of President Trump's executive order on the travel ban, schools across the country are issuing statements regarding how the ban will impact them. That includes a number of schools in Alabama.

Though the executive order is only for seven Muslim-majority countries, colleges across Alabama have a number of students and staff who will be directly affected.

In Huntsville, UAH said like most universities across the country, they attract students, faculty, and researchers from around the world. The school has 19 students from affected areas. UAH is closely monitoring the situation, and says they will keep in contact with students and faculty who may be impacted.

Alabama A&M issued a statement saying they would remain committed to cultivating an environment that fosters the inclusion of all people, regardless of race, religion, color or creed. They are recommending all students and staff who might be affected by the executive order to refrain from travelling outside of the United States until further notice.

Likewise, Auburn University released a statement urging students and faculty to do the same. The reason for this being they may be denied reentry into the country.

The University of Alabama says they welcome and value their community from across the globe. They are offering support to international faculty, students and researchers for their continued success and well-being in light of the recent order.

The University of North Alabama says because some UNA students will be impacted, they will be looking into the situation as well. An official statement has not been released.