Bananas cause problems in the kitchen in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Pizza Hut     Score of: 86

611 E Avalon Avenue, Muscle Shoals


  • Moldy cheese
  • Cracked breadstick pan lids


Rick's BBQ     Score of: 94  

2501 Woodward, Muscle Shoals


  • Dishwasher does not reach required sanitation temperature


Four Leaves Asian Restaurant     Score of: 85

7044 University Dr., Huntsville


  • Bananas blocking use of one hand sink and a bowl was found in the second one.
    • Owner removed both items from both hand sinks.


Shinsegae Korean Restaurant     Score of: 84  

2701-H Patton Rd., Huntsville


  • At a 3-compartment sink, the utensils were not being immersed in sanitizer solution
  • pans were being manually scrubbed with a pad soaked in chlorine, but the pans were then being placed directly on the drain board without being immersed in sanitizer solution
    • Note: The pans could have easily fit into the sink
  • Unlabeled spray bottle of cleaner in hallway near toilet


Clean Plate Recommendation:

Southern BBQ     Score of: 99    

1510 North Pine Street, Florence