Possible legislation coming to help with those annual Madison County pet licensing fees

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - If you have a pet and live in Madison County, the county commission is considering a move that might interest you.

As of right now, there is a county-wide mandatory licensing fee for your pets. You have to pay that $3.00 fee annually to the Madison County Animal Control.

"It really makes no sense that we have people coming back year after year after year, to do a three dollar license. It cost them more gas to drive up there than it does to do their license," said Commissioner Phil Vandiver.

District Four County Commissioner Vandiver said Wednesday's resolution is the start to another option for pet owners.

"So we're looking at ways to come up with a lifetime license where they can come in and buy it once and be done with that process," he said.

Vandiver said he hears from a lot of people who would be happy to have less hassle, and buy that lifetime license.But they want it at the right price.

"I think that we can work with that and try to figure out the lifespan of a dog or cat, and try to multiply that and come out to about what it would cost," he explained.

The commission hasn't yet settled on what that lifetime fee would be. Vandiver wanted to be clear they're not trying to add any extra costs with this.

"You know this isn't something we're trying to raise more money with, this is just a service we're trying to give to the people," Vandiver said.

The proposal still has to go through the state legislature. So, commissioners are sending it to the Madison County legislative delegation. The fine for not licensing your pets can be anywhere between $2.00 and $50.00.