Unwashed hands and cross-contamination in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

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Cork & Crust Pizzeria     Score of: 93

12120 County Line Rd., Madison


  • Damaged kitchen utensils:
    • Plastic bins and lids
    • Fryer baskets
    • Pizza paddles


Taco Bell     Score of: 82

2136 6th Ave., Decatur


  • Broken plastic food bins in use and ready to use
  • Non-operational hand sink


Francesco's Italian Restaurant     Score of: 73

2613 6th Ave., Decatur


  • Employees not washing their hands in-between tasks
  • Not protecting food and utensils from cross contamination during food prep
  • Sausage at 51 degrees, chicken at 70 degrees, and fish at 63 degrees


Clean Plate Recommendation

Bigfoot’s Little Donuts     Score of: 100

11451 South Memorial Parkway, Huntsville