Final two candidates interview for Madison City Superintendent

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MADISON, Ala. - The final two candidates spent all day touring schools, talking to members of the community and answering questions in front of the Madison City School Board.

Both candidates talked to the board about where Madison is excelling, and where there's need for improvement.

Reginald Eggleston of Mobile County Schools

Reginald Eggleston is a Florence native, but currently calls Mobile home, working as an Assistant Superintendent for the largest public school system in Alabama.

He tells WHNT News 19, collaborating with others is his greatest strength.

“To come up with solutions, because the answers aren’t in me but being able to work with different people with different backgrounds and value what they bring to the table is something I think I do very well," said Eggleston.

He says he's attracted to the Madison superintendent job because of the high standards set by both parents and civic leaders.

“I would love to be a part of an organization that values that kind of thinking and that kind of action," he said.

Eggleston sees the rapid growth of Madison, especially into Limestone County, as one of the greater challenges of the job. He said his strategy would be to listen to the community before taking any action.

“We look at where the growth is happening at, look at our resources, bring a group of individuals together, parents teachers, and have a committee to talk about what steps we want to take," said Eggleston.

Robby Parker of Madison City Schools

Robby Parker is closing in on his 30th year with Madison City Schools. He's served in the classroom, school administration and currently works as Assistant Superintendent.

Parker believes his inside knowledge is his greatest advantage.

"I don’t have to have a 90 day plan or a 180 day plan, I’ve got a tomorrow plan," said Parker.

Parker says under his leadership, the district would continue down the same trajectory as it was with Dee Fowler at the helm.

"As far as test scores go, we're the number 3 school district in the state. So to come in here and change everything would truly be foolish because we're in the top 3 in the state but I do think there are so many things we can do, that we can build on," he said.

Parker said rapid annexation by the city will inevitably force the district to re-zone again.

He said it's critical, each time that happens, that the schools stay balanced like they are now.

"We do not have a 'have or a have not school' and we’ve done that through zoning. That’s a tough thing to do but that’s our biggest challenge is keeping all 11 schools equal demographically," said Parker.

Decision Time

Now we've heard from all four candidates, they've said their part. The final decision rests with the Madison City School Board.

A spokesman for the district said the earliest we'll learn of a decision, is at next Thursday's School Board meeting.

You can watch all four interviews, in their entirety, on Madison City School's website.