Madison City Schools interview first two candidates for Superintendent

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MADISON, Ala. - Madison City's School Board interviewed Sandra Spivey and Lauderdale County Administrator Jennifer Gray Tuesday evening.

Each say they bring years of experience and unique expertise to the table.

Jennifer Gray from Lauderdale County Schools

“Any time there’s a new challenge you need to look at that and see if you’re ready to take on that challenge and that’s where I am in my career," says Gray.

Jennifer Gray has spent the last 26 years in Lauderdale County Schools in a variety of roles, including Superintendent and Principal. She's the first to admit there are big differences between her home district and the one she's hoping she'll get to lead.

“That’s a little bit different from what I’m used to," says Gray.

She says the biggest challenge facing Madison City Schools is the constant need to rezone due to growth and annexation.

She says the next Madison City Schools Superintendent will need to have a good working relationship with city leaders.

“It takes everyone working together to make a school system a success. Madison City has done a wonderful job with that and I would like the opportunity to be a part of it," says Gray.

Sandra Spivey from Scottsboro City Schools

Spivey currently leads the school district in Scottsboro, but says just because she's seeking other employment, does not mean she completed all her goals.

“One of the board members recently commented to me, you’ve done everything we’ve asked you to do, and that’s high praise in my view, but to me that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Those were like the first things we wanted to do," says Spivey.

Sandra says she'll focus on strong relationships with school board members and community leaders.

“It is clearly a learning environment, not only for the students but the adults here. That’s very attractive to me as someone who wants to continue to learn and grow," says Spivey.

She's in a unique position being named a finalist in both the Huntsville and Madison search, but says the districts have very different needs.

“I don’t think they’re asking a single same question in either place so just preparing myself for both situations, for two consecutive days to go through the process," says Spivey.

Moving Forward

Reginald Eggleston from Florence and Madison's own Robby Parker will follow the same schedule on Thursday.

Their day will consist of school tours, meetings with parents and community leaders, and conclude with their interviews with the school board.