Exclusive video: Teenage trespasser caught on camera on top of North Sand Mountain High

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HIGDON, Ala. - A 15-year-old boy was caught trespassing at the North Sand Mountain High School last week.

On Thursday, the teen, who was shirtless, walked in the school building. He was escorted out, but later somehow accessed the roof of the school.  The Jackson County Sheriff's Office removed him.

A parent saw the teen walking near North Sand Mountain School on Friday, but he wasn't on campus.

If you take a look in WHNT News 19's exclusive video, you can see him behind reporter Olivia Steen who was there working on a story last week.

Jackson County School officials believe the student made three trips to the school on Thursday, two during school hours and one during a ball game.

The 15-year-old, who's not a student, is banned from the campus.

Even though many parents told us they weren't notified, Jackson County Superintendent Kevin Dukes said they handled the situation.

"It was defused. It was defused the day it happened. Nothing has happened since other than social media creating social media creating bogus information and it getting bigger and bigger," said Dukes.

Dukes said the teen has not made any threats nor has he shown he has a weapon.  Dukes said "the situation is completely defused" and the school system continues to work with the Sheriff's Office on the matter.

"We cannot validate that [he] said he was going to do harm to students at the school. We have not found anything on any of his accounts that said he was going to do anything," said Jackson County Sheriff, Chuck Phillips.

Parents took to social media to express concern about the incident and what they described as a lack of notification from the school system.

Although school officials say the 15-year-old was dealt with appropriately, many parents still weren't happy.

Several parents say they plan to be at the next school board meeting. They hope to discuss a better communication system between the school and parents.