A dream come true for a Limestone County teen in the last 15 seconds of a basketball game

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. - Basketball is usually a game that comes down to the wire. On Friday night, with just 15 seconds on the clock and down by 6 points, the East Limestone Middle School basketball team put in their "sixth man", Savion McNeill.

"I shot five threes and missed. I shot two threes and missed that. And I made two," said Savion.

It's a moment his father will always treasure.

"I actually didn't think he would get a chance to actually play in the game," said Shuron McNeill.

Savion tried out for the team last May. Doctors didn't clear him to play because of his cerebral palsy disorder.

"Basically the ability to actually run straight. Like the things we take for granted. To walk, to run, to jump. Those are things he's dealing with because of his mild case of cerebral palsy. Other than that he's a normal 14-year-old kid," said Shuron.

He's a kid that coaches say has a lot of heart. A trait, that makes him an excellent team manager.

"He helps get the uniforms together. Packed up, unpacked, set out for all the players. Towels, gets the water ready.  Anything we need really," said coach Matt Smith.

The Indians might not have put up more points than the other team, but they earned something more valuable.

"For me it was incredible to watch it and for him to finally get to experience something that he's been wanting to for so long. To me, that was the best win we had all year. It was really amazing to watch," said Smith.

Savion is a kid of few words, but has advice for anyone out there that's struggling.

"Keep trying. Don't give up," Savion said.

A reminder, that no matter the obstacle, we should always play to the last second.