Madison Mayor weighs in on Superintendent search

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MADISON, Ala. - Madison City Mayor Paul Finley is weighing in on the search for a superintendent. Thursday night the Madison City School board announced its four finalists.

Mayor Finley said he is excited for the change a new superintendent could bring to the area.

"For years you have known of such a solid leader in Dr. Dee Fowler. Now, things will change. Sometimes it changes for the better," said Finley.
He said school leadership is changing just as the city of Madison is.
"Madison will continue to move forward. This superintendent will be the driver of the curriculum that our parents many times move their families to Madison for," said Finley.
He explained that the superintendent search is critical because as long schools stay strong, so will growth in Madison.
"We have to mange the growth. They've already said we're going to need another elementary school, another high school. What's that cost? We as a city then work with the schools because that's infrastructure. We don't have anything to do with curriculum, but we definitely support them in infrastructure," said Finley.
The mayor said having a good relationship with the school system is imperative to improving the city.
"As a mayor, council, school board, and superintendent we have to collaborate to make sure we find out what success looks like when it comes to funding that. And what we're going to do to make it happen," Finley said.