Congrats to some S-U-P-E-R students!

GSES Spelling Bee Winners (L-R) Tanner Herring, 2nd place winner; Marcus Minichino, 3rd, place; Aubrey Dithmer, 1st place. Also pictured, Melissa Riopka and Principal Jennifer Douthit

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Congratulations are in order for some hard-working, quick-thinking elementary students.

It’s not easy standing on a stage, trying to remember whether “bemused” has two “e’s” or an “e” and an “i.”

In fact, it’s enough to leave anyone feeling a bit bemused.

That’s why I was so impressed with the poise and confidence exhibited by the students in Friday’s spelling bee at Goldsmith-Schiffman Elementary School.

It was a pleasure to serve as a pronouncer for the event, which is a preliminary for the Madison County Scripps Spelling Bee.

After about a dozen rounds, we had our finalists:

1st: Aubrey Dithmer, 4th grade
2nd: Tanner Herring, 5th grade
3rd: Marcus Minichino, 4th grade

As the first-place winner, Aubrey will represent GSES at the county bee, which is scheduled for February 7th at Randolph School.

Good luck, Aubrey and thanks for having us, GSES!