As Tennessee Valley warms up, people come out to enjoy the temperatures

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - It's been a little warmer than some may expect this week. Huntsville's official high Friday touched 72 degrees, four degrees short of the record.

People spent the afternoon enjoying the warmer weather, a big contrast to last week's freeze.

Lori Cline brought her daughter, Mairen, to Huntsville's Kids Space with some friends.

"Last week, I was miserable," Cline explained, "I don't like the cold. But this week is great! I definitely want to be outside today!"

We found Robert Walters fishing in Aldridge Creek. He said he often comes out around this time of year, but was thankful to see this time he didn't need to take a jacket.

"I just grab my fishing pole and bike and head on down to the creek," he explained.

Walters said he caught twelve fish Friday. He caught another one while we interviewed him.

"It was a good catch," he said of the bass after throwing it back.

He is not taking this day for granted, though.

"Knowing Alabama and knowing this time of year, it's going to get cold again," he said, "so I am just trying to enjoy the pretty weather when I can."