11 year old in critical condition, 8 year old injured in ATV Wreck in South Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- HEMSI has confirmed two juveniles were involved in an ATV wreck Friday night.

The accident occurred on Oak Avenue and Triana Boulevard just north of Drake Avenue.

Officers on the scene tell us an 11 year old was driving the four wheeler, with an 8 year old passenger. The 11 year old suffered life threatening injuries, and was rushed to Huntsville Hospital.

Huntsville Police tell us the 8 year old only received minor injuries, but was checked out at Huntsville Hospital.

Investigators believe the children hit a retaining wall in an alley off of Oak Avenue.

A neighbor who lives down the street heard a loud crash around 5 pm Friday. "I didn't really think anything of it until I saw the police," says Amanda Hill.

Hill says she saw the children on the four wheeler about 30 minutes before the collision. "They didn't have on helmets, knee pads, nothing on," she says.

Hill says she's heartbroken this has happened so close to home, but that it should serve as a reminder to everyone operating these kind of vehicles, no matter what age, safety should come first.

"Start wearing your helmets and just because you're driving fast you never know what might happen," says Hill.

Officers say the investigation is ongoing, as they're trying to talk to more family members.