Republican party responds to continued protests against Sen. Jeff Sessions nomination

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Confirmation hearings begin for President-Elect Donald Trump's cabinet on Tuesday morning. Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions will meet with the senate judiciary committee on Tuesday morning.

Senator Sessions is facing some opposition. Monday morning the NAACP delivered a letter to his Huntsville office asking him to withdraw his name from consideration.

"Say no in the morning. Say no at noon. Say no in the evening. No all day to Sessions," said protesters.

Those who oppose Sessions nomination believe he is racist and does not believe in equality. On Monday, NAACP members said they fear what could happen if he takes reign of the United States Department of Justice. The activists said their opposition is not a republican versus democrat issue.

Despite the opposition local republicans think Sessions is the right guy for the job.

The chairman of the Madison County Republican party told WHNT News 19 those who are against Sessions continue to bring up allegations that are 30 years old.

"In my experience of many years on the state Alabama republican committee,  I can say with a pretty high degree of confidence that Jeff Sessions is the most popular of any public official in the state of Alabama," said Sam Givhan.

Givhan thinks Sessions is exactly the type of man we need to lead the Justice Department.

"He's not someone who is going to carry out a political agenda when he's enforcing the law. And I think that's what they're scared about. The democrats have had someone who would be their muscle on the legal side, and they've lost that," said Givhan.

He is confident that Sessions will be confirmed as Attorney General.

"We've got somebody now who is going to enforce the immigration laws of this country. This is not imposing new laws. This is not creating his own agenda. It's just following the law. And that's what we expect of Sessions once he's Attorney General," said Givhan.