Mayors of Alabama Meet to Discuss Pressing Issues in the State

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Mayors from five of the biggest cities in Alabama have spent two days working together to figure out ways to improve the state and to discuss some potential changes coming to the state. "I think infrastructure is going to be the key, along with transportation coming out of Washington. How do we impact our cities using federal support to create a more marketable city," Birmingham Mayor William Bell said.

The "Big 5 Mayors" meet quarterly to talk about pressing issues of concern, this time the discussion was held in Huntsville. "We've put a lot of heads together to try to help each of our communities," Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle said.

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange said change is coming and the state isn't self-sufficient financially, so they're going to have to work with each other and the new team heading into the White House. "We need support from the federal government and from the state for that infrastructure, or whether it be the military, or many other things," Mayor Todd Strange said.

Mayor Strange said in the future less money is going to be available and changes are coming to the health care industry, and the state is going to have to be flexible.

Mayor Battle said everyone is nonpartisan, and will work with whoever is in office. He said there's an Alabama emphasis in the Trump Administration, since Jeff Sessions is tapped to be in the White House. "This gives us an opportunity to connect with some of those, and forward city agendas as we move along," Mayor Battle explained.

All of the "Big 5 Mayors" agree the only way things are going to get accomplished in the state is by all of them working together.