Local group stands with NAACP in opposing Senator Sessions as Attorney General

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- On Monday, the NAACP continued with its protests across Alabama to oppose Senator Jeff Sessions nomination as Attorney General. And the Madison County Democratic Women are standing with them.

"We have many of the same concerns and many of the same issues that they do.  We share those, and we too are opposed to Jeff Sessions taking that position," said Chairwoman Susan Higgins.

Higgins said they want an Attorney General who protects everybody, not just the one percent.

"Position of Attorney General is to ensure justice, and to ensure that the civil rights laws of the United States are enforced. Jeff Sessions has no record to show that he would do that," she said.

She said she doesn't think Sessions understands that women still do not have equal rights in this country.

"It's important to continue to move forward on those issues rather than moving backwards. I think his appointment would certainly be a step back for women, for women of color, for women with disabilities," Higgins explained.

Higgins said she would love to see Alabama have a stronger role, and a stronger representation across the country. But she doesn't think Sessions is the way to do that.

"I think if we could send some different people to Washington, Alabama would be a lot better off," she said.

Senator Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, January 10th.