GREAT VIDEO: Deer rescued after being stuck on ice for several hours

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SIMSBURY, Conn. — A deer was trapped on ice in Simsbury, Connecticut for several hours Monday, and the entire ordeal was caught on camera.

Authorities started by watching the deer’s progress, hoping she could get herself off the ice. The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said the deer was chased onto the ice by coyotes. The Simsbury Animal Control Officer was on the scene as well.

At first, the deer had at least one leg stuck in the water but was able to work it out. Around 1:20 p.m., a team of wildlife experts tried to put sand on the ice in hopes of helping her gain footing.

Eventually, a rescue worker lowered herself onto the ice and pulled the deer in with another person’s help. Once on solid ground, the deer was unable to run off herself, so crews carried her off to be rehabilitated.