Concealed carry permits now available online in the Shoals

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Lauderdale County Chief Deputy Richard Richey

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. - Applying for a pistol permit in the Shoals has gotten a little bit easier. Residents in Colbert and Lauderdale counties can now apply online through their sheriff’s office website.

With a few clicks on the mouse, followed by some keystrokes – you can request a pistol permit rather quickly.

“This way you can sit at home and fill out the application online and submit it to us, and then we do the background checks,” Lauderdale County Chief Deputy Richard Richey explained.

Richey said the online option can save residents a bit of time on the front end. He said the person applying for a permit will still have to come in to have their picture made, but it saves them from coming in the office twice.

“We’ve had good response,” Richey stated. “We’ve already gotten probably over 115 applications.”

010417-ld-pistol-permits-online-6-pkgAlso available online is an application to renew a pistol permit.  Gone are the days of going in to renew a pistol permit by just paying your money to the clerk.

“You never know, someone could have gotten in trouble with in a year’s time, so we have to do background checks on everyone now,” said Richey.

Applications are still available at the sheriff’s offices; they are just offering them online as a convenience.

There is a charge of less than $4 to apply for pistol permits online through the sheriff’s office websites in Colbert and Lauderdale counties. The cost helps maintain the service online.