Viral Parody Mom, Keshia Gardner, has a heart for foster care

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. -- You may recognize Keshia Gardner from her viral social media posts over the past year. Her knack for parodies is what has landed her in the spotlight.

When we met Gardner a few months ago we were surprised to learn that the famous back to school picture that began her fandom means a little more than what meets the eye.

"We've been a foster family for almost ten years and they said which ones are foster children. I said, 'They're all my children. I don't label them,'" says Gardner.

One of their foster children, whom they've had since she was 12, says that Gardner's fun, kooky personality plays a major role in making her a great foster mother.

"With her being the way she is, it helps people relax and calm down because they know they can be themselves if she's being herself around them," says Kelsey Blizzard.

When Gardner's social media fans learn about her heart for foster care, many of them find a purpose buried within her fun-loving and sometimes silly performances.

"I've had several people that they are blown away and a lot of them said, 'I know that's what I need to do now is be a foster parent.' That makes me so happy because we really need to create more awareness and help these kids find forever homes."