Threat of winter weather causing concern for Crimson Tide fans heading to Tampa

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The threat of winter weather could impact travel plans for the Crimson Tide faithful that plan on making the pilgrimage to Tampa for this year's National Title game.

We can't stress this enough, it's still early. Chief Meteorologist Jason Simpson says models and forecasts can change, but right now, winter weather could impact weekend travel.

Erica Ham comes from a house-divided. She grew to become an Alabama fan, while her father's roots are as deep as Toomer's Oaks.

“He’s taken my brother twice, my brother is a graduate of Auburn, so I guess I’m cashing in, it’s my turn, I’m beyond excited and surprised that he’s taking me,” said Ham.

After the Peach Bowl victory, her father surprised her with tickets to the National Championship Game. “We’re leaving Sunday and we're flying out of Huntsville into Tampa," she said.

With the "S" word, snow, being whispered this weekend, she's a little concerned.

“I mean it’s in the back of my mind, every time I see it, it gets more and more certain that it’s going to do something," said Ham. “I’m trying not to panic”

Her plan is to keep her eyes on weather predictions like the one our weather team provides on

"The sad part is I love snow and I usually look forward to it every time and this is the one time that I do not want it to snow," said Ham.

She figures the worst case scenario, they have a later flight that Saturday and cut back on some of their plans.  "I’m just trying to stay positive about it," she said.

But no matter what mother nature throws our way, she plans to be in Tampa for the game.  “Plan for the worst but hope for the best,” said Ham.

While she can't anticipate the weather, she is pretty certain of what her Auburn-loving father won't do this weekend.  “No, I don’t think he’ll wear crimson. I think that may be pushing the bill. He may wear white, stay neutral. I really don’t know but he loves me a whole lot to be doing this," she said.