Huntsville High students use sticky notes to create positive atmosphere for a new semester

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - There are some lessons you don't learn from a book, like how to care about your fellow classmate. But, Huntsville High Students Maya Crocker and Gillian Hall, along with several other friends, posted more than 4,800 sticky notes with positive messages around the school on Tuesday, ahead of students' Wednesday return.

"I just want them to come back to a fresh start in 2017, to be encouraged and know that they are loved, they are needed and there is someone at this school who would write almost 5,000 sticky notes for them," Crocker said.

The sticky notes are just as unique as the students who wrote them over winter break, each with its own quote or saying.

"You can take a sticky note with you, if it means something to you," Hall said. "If you see it and it just brightens your day more than anything, take it."

The students said all of their hard work will pay off when they see how surprised their fellow classmates will be on Wednesday morning.