Drivers beware; downtown Tuscumbia seeing crosswalks rebuilt

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. - There’s a project underway in downtown Tuscumbia which may inconvenience drivers for the next week or so. City leaders have decided enough is enough; they are attempting to rid the city of bumpy crosswalks.

010317-co-tuscumbia-crosswalk-4pm-pkg2In just one day, city workers in Tuscumbia tore up months of work. But there’s a reason for the demolition. A streetscape project completed years ago became a bumpy aggravation for drivers.

“Problem is, through the years that they have done the project the ground and the bricks have started to settle,” explained Police Chief Tony Logan. “It was creating an issue if you drive across them, people had a hard bump.”

A bump so hard, Chief Logan said business owners could feel it inside their stores.

So the new city administration decided to pull up the bricks and start over. Monday they began the project at Main and 6th Street.

“As money comes in, then they are looking to the next intersections at 5th and 4th, and so hopefully by mid-summer we can actually be through with all of these and have them back like we really want them to look like,” said Logan.

The city decided to pour tinted concrete and have it stamped to look just like the bricks they have pulled up. Hopefully lasting much longer and giving drivers a smoother ride.

The city of Tuscumbia is using money generated by the current gas tax collected at the pumps. Each intersection is costing the city about $15,000.