City engineering talks 2017 road projects in the works

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  Expect to see road projects in the Rocket City hit a new gear in 2017. The City of Huntsville engineering department hopes to make significant headway on construction this year, starting as early as this month.

City of Huntsville Engineering Director Kathy Martin said they have a lot of projects in the works right now. One of those projects is Zierdt Road, which Martin said you will really see take shape in 2017.

"We do intend to get a contractor back on site this month in January. We will start building the northbound lanes in front of Edgewater and across Lady Ann lake," she said.

Construction is also expected to start on sections of Martin Road this summer. Additionally, one big project is coming for downtown.

"Church Street is another one that will be under construction in mid 2017. So we'll make the second phase of the Church Street connection from Pratt Avenue to Monroe Street. That'll be a five lane road through there," said Martin.

Cecil Ashburn will see some big changes as well, with plans about sixty percent complete as of right now.

"What we are intending to do is add two more lanes on Cecil Ashburn, as well as make intersection improvements down at Old Big Cove and Sutton Road, and over at Donegal," said Martin.

She said there will be blasting involved with the Cecil Ashburn project, so you can expect some traffic congestion.

"There will be periods of complete road closure, just enough to blast and move the material. We do intend to have one lane traffic in the morning peak hours and then one lane in the nighttime peak hours," said Martin.

Other projects that will continue their progress are County Line Road and Highway 72, Winchester Road, and Mastin Lake Road.