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Only “FloatSpa” in Alabama in Huntsville

The phrase “total sensory deprivation” speaks clearly.

Imagine having the ability, if you choose, to simulate what it must be like to float in space.

No light.

No sound.

A sense of weightlessness.

What if there was a way to slow your brain down, maybe shut it down, and completely relax.

One of the hot trends in the pursuit of wellness and relaxation is “floating.”

The only “float spa” in Alabama is in Huntsville at 8415 Whitesburg Dr. South.  It's called Tranquility Float Spa.

You float (clothing optional) in a pod that is filled with about 10 inches of water and is loaded with Epsom salt. The salt prevents you from sinking. The water is heated to approximately your body temperature. That scenario gives you the feeling of weightlessness.

Floating advocates say it helps patients with chronic pain, mental well-being, and also PTSD symptoms.

Many veterans returning from the battlefield are having success with floating therapy in their transition back to normalcy.

Tranquility Float Spa’s number is 256-361-9864