2016 the warmest year on record in Huntsville

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Now that we’re entering 2017 we can officially say that 2016 was the warmest year on record in Huntsville. The average high temperature this year came in at 76.5°F, which is 3.6 degrees above average. The average daily temperature (which averages highs and lows) came in 2.9 degrees above average, at 65°F.


How many degrees each month was above average in 2016 – based on daily average temperature

This isn’t that unexpected since the last 11 months have come in above average too. This October Huntsville was a sweltering 6.8 degrees above average. That gave 2016 the  warmest October on record. Even with these numbers 2016 was only narrowly the warmest year on record though. The next warmest year would be 1917, when the average high temperature was 76.3°F.


2016 was also a notable year because we spent the fall in drought. Hot temperatures and dry conditions often go hand in hand, so as we slipped deeper into drought our high temperatures warmed more and more above average. Our high temperatures were further from average in September and October, which were also the driest months of the year. Although we started to catch up on rain in November and December, 2016 still came in with a 9.90 inch rainfall deficit.