Rosalie hosts New Year’s Memorial Parade for Victims of the Deadly Tornado

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. — The Rosalie community is still rebuilding the town after deadly winds swept through. "On November the 30th early in the morning a new day began for Rosalie, Alabama. Lives were changed, chaos was seen, and it was a new day," Rosalie Baptist Pastor Roger Little said.

Buildings can be rebuilt, but healing a broken heart is a lot harder. On the night of the deadly tornado three people lost their lives. Those three people were Jessica Fleming, Justin Wright, and April Wright. It's been a month since their death, but Rosalie is showing their strength. On Saturday, the town united as one by participating in a New Year's Memorial Parade.

Neighboring Towns and first responders all participated. 2016 has been an emotional ride for Rosalie; lives lost and others shattered by heartbreak. As 2017 approaches the town realizes they still have a long journey ahead of them, but through prayer they'll push through.

If you ask anyone in Rosalie they will tell you; they'll make it. They will also offer their love and support to the families of Justin, April, and Jessica.