Flies, drainage, and raw meat in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Hardee's # 5749     Score of: 88

104 Green Cove Road, Huntsville


  • Presence of flies throughout storage room and by kitchen sink
  • Possible drainage problems


El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant

1836 Winchester Rd., Huntsville     Score of: 88


  • Food items being held at hazardous temperatures (Cheese, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, lettuce)
  • Violation was not corrected
  • Intent to suspend has been issued


FloBama     Score of: 84

311 North Court Street, Florence


  • No hot water at kitchen handsink or restrooms
  • No date mark on BBQ-- 10 day notice given and rules reviewed
  • Raw hamburger meat sitting on prep table-- 3 day notice given


Clean Plate Recommendation     Score of: 98

Longhorn Steakhouse

102 Cox Creek Parkway, Florence