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Little River Canyon Center releases its first braille brochure

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. - "The rules about accessibility is it needs to be accessible to everyone."

A braille brochure is now accessible at the Little River Canyon Center. Those with seeing disabilities will now have full access to information about the center.

"The brochures are not a tour guide, go to this place and see this thing. But the brochures give general information on a lot of cool stuff about the park," said Larry Bean of the center.

Little River Canyon receives several visually impaired guests a year and the park is excited to be able to offer them even more.

"It is a minority group of the park, but still one that needs to be served. Everybody needs access to the park," said Bean.

This braille brochure is just a stepping stone for what more is to come for the Little River Canyon. They've even received outside requests for it to use as a teaching tool.

"We've already sent one of these brochures in braille to the School of the Blind. It'll be there in their library," said Bean.