DeKalb County proposes new fees to house inmates from Fort Payne

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. - The DeKalb County Commission is proposing a fee to Fort Payne for housing the city's inmates.  During the past few years, the county said the money has dwindled and it could use the extra help.

The DeKalb County Commission said the county has allowed the city to house its inmates for quite some time.  Due to the decrease of revenue over the years, this may change.

"Its changed severely since the time we've started the court cost initiative. And two, our revenues just aren't what they were then," said Ricky Harcrow, President of the DeKalb County Commission

The county has proposed a $20 fee for housing city inmates and hopefully adding this money could help with financial burdens.

"Every other county around us charges municipalities some kind of fee to house their prisoners, and it costs us between $30 and $40 a day to house a prisoner. Well right now the cities don't pay anything," said Harcrow.

Adding this fee will not solve all of their money problems, but it can help with lacking areas.

"We could use the money for jail expenses after the bond payment is made, but we don't have any money left.  In fact, we have to add to it," said Harcrow.

Right now the DeKalb County Commission is still in the discussion phase with the city.

"They are good people.  We are just going to have to make some adjustments that will be satisfactory to them, to us and to the Sheriff's Department," said Harcrow.

They are hoping to come to an agreement by April 1, 2017.