Decatur Police officer is disarmed by suspected trespasser, chase ensues, results in arrest

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Lucas Cardona Caspar, 18

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. — A struggle between a suspected trespasser and a Decatur police officer could have ended much differently than it did Monday evening.

In the late evening on Monday, Morgan County Central Dispatch received a call from a woman saying that her ex-boyfriend was in her apartment without her permission. Decatur Police Officer Richard Wilmoth was dispatched to go to the apartment and check out the scene. When he arrived at the apartment, he could hear several males talking inside the apartment. He waited for backup to arrive before announcing his presence.

Before backup arrived, Lucas Cardona Caspar, 18, opened the door of the residence, and then Wilmoth announced himself as a Decatur Police Officer and asked Caspar, three other Hispanic males and the ex-boyfriend to show him their hands.

Police say Caspar then initiated a struggle with Wilmoth, Caspar was shoving Wilmoth and was told repeatedly to raise his hands above his head.

Police say Caspar wrapped both of his hands around Wilmoth’s pistol, temporarily disarming him. During the struggle, they say the pistol’s magazine ejected onto the ground and Caspar ran off.

They say Wilmoth engaged in a lengthy chase and struggled with Caspar several times before he was able to get handcuffs on him.

When he was finally detained, Caspar was charged with Disarming a Police officer, Criminal Trespassing 1st Degree, and Resisting Arrest.

Caspar was transferred to the Morgan County Jail with a $16,000 bond.