Parkway Place Mall continues to see large numbers of shoppers on Christmas Eve

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Though most of us might be at home readying ourselves for Santa and other festivities Sunday, Parkway Place mall was still buzzing with last-minute shoppers on Christmas Eve.

WHNT News 19 spoke with Marketing Manager Molly Bell about what is driving shoppers to the stores on this day.

Bell said even though it might seem last-minute, there's a good reason so many shoppers come in on Christmas Eve.

"You see a lot of families come in. This is kind of a family tradition. It's not just finding those last gifts. People are off at this time so they kind of come in and want to shop together. It's something extra to do around the holidays," she explained.

Surprisingly, Christmas Eve is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Parkway Place mall was no exception.

"This time of year it accounts for about thirty percent of a retailer's percentage of the year. So this is a vital time for our stores, and for the community to make sure that they get what those people would like to see," said Bell. As she said, Christmas is a major day for the stores. This is why unlike the Thanksgiving holiday, the mall has remained open. But they are still focusing on family and getting their employees home for Christmas.

"We are going to be closing at 6 PM. We really want retailers to be able to go home and spend the evening with their families, and be with their families on Christmas day."

The mall will be closed all of Christmas day and will reopen on Monday morning at 8 AM.