How you can be charged with murder in Alabama without committing it

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Did you know in Alabama if you're involved in a violent felony and someone dies as a result of it, you can be charged with murder even if you didn't commit the crime? "Even if you`re in the car as a getaway driver, if anyone dies rather it be another offender or a victim; if you were a party to the crime, you can also be charged with murder," said Lt. Stacy Bates with the Huntsville Police Department.

Because of this law; four Anniston men are charged with murder and robbery; after an attempted robbery on Thursday night on Broadmeadow Lane. Police said three men waited in the car as two 20-year-olds, Antonio Thompson and Montarious Hill, tried to rob a home at Broadmeadow Lane for potential drugs.

Things would soon turn deadly for Hill when the two entered the home. "A shooting happened; two men tried to run out of the house. One of the offenders (Hill) was shot and killed and fell dead in the back yard as he fled the scene. The other one (Thompson) was hit in the leg," Lt. Bates said.

So, even though Hill was shot and killed by the homeowner, the three men who waited in the car; and Thompson who went inside with Hill are charged with robbery and murder. "If you commit a violent crime like a robbery, even if you didn't pull the trigger...if you were sitting in the car, or three blocks down the street... if you had any part in the crime you can be charged with murder," Lt. Bates said.

HPD said they searched the homeowner's house for drugs, but hardly found anything to charge them with. They said as of now; the homeowner isn't facing any charges.