The “Night before Christmas Eve” brings traffic headaches to Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - According to the American Research Group, 75% of shoppers don't finish their Christmas buying until Christmas Eve. Needless to say, hundreds of people packed into stores in Huntsville, to pick up those last-minute stocking stuffers.

WHNT News 19 took Storm Hunter 19 from Parkway Place Mall to the Jones Valley Super Target. At each location, we saw busy roads and packed parking lots, which inspired this original holiday poem:

Twas the day before Christmas Eve, and all through Rocket City

Cars, barely moving. Stores, super busy

Out at Parkway Place Mall, not a parking spot in sight

On University Drive, a sea of brake lights.

"I always wait, I tend to procrastinate some," said Erika Rose Pina, a last-minute shopper at Best Buy.

Last minute shopping, brought out people in droves

Erika came to Best Buy just for an iPhone

"Phones all around for the whole family," said Rose Pina.

New gadgets also prompted this mother and father

But when they saw all the crowds....

“Not successful, it was crazy in there," said Cory Troupe, another last-minute shopper.

They decided not to bother.

“Looking for an iPod for my nephew and for my kids a flat screen TV," said Troupe.

They told us they'd keep looking

Another store or two

“I thought maybe I would get lucky, but I guess not," he said

But if they strike out, under the tree, an IOU

"After Christmas sale," said Troupe.

Of course, this busy shopping day happens, both far and near

And if both Erika and Cory are honest...

“Long lines, people everywhere," he said.

It's not new, this happens each year.

“I’ll try Walmart," said Troupe